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Wiser Wash

Pepe Jeans

Are You Wise? The future of the environment is in our hands. Living in a more sustainable way is possible. The eco-revolutionary washing technology Wiser Wash does not produce toxic waste and reduce the use of water in the production process of jeans using zero chemicals. It is the first launch within the TRU-BLU responsible innovation program, the first step of Pepe Jeans towards a more sustainable fashion.

We send an empowering message to the world. Because every change begins with a question. Are You Wise? And we were joined by three ambassadors, three unique voices advocating for a more sustainable future and a healthy ocean: Indian actress, artist and activist Salvor Menuez, writer and artist Wilson Oryema and ocean conservator Queeny Van Der Zande.

The commitment of Pepe Jeans in the creation of more sustainable jeans and their future with the environment is imminent. The trip continues.

Are you wise?
Wear Wiser Wash.
Join the TRU-BLU squad.