From Tokyo to Barcelona


There is a Japanese proverb which we feel identified with: "Do not say: it's impossible. Say: I have not done it yet."

Lateral family is still growing and crossing borders. We have had the honor of commissioning the landing of the Japanese giant UNIQLO, straight from the streets of Harajuku. And twice over!

An event of this caliber needs a tribute to the height. And what better than combining the best of Tokyo and Barcelona. The opening day, we welcomed the press of the capital, who enjoyed Ikebana’s workshop and a live cooking show at the Grec Theatre.

In the afternoon, during the sake ceremony, we made a toast with Tadashi Yanai, founder of UNIQLO. We also ate sushi and danced in a dj session with the actress and dj Laura Put.

The next morning, the echo of the Taiko drums echoed through all the streets of the city, and with Barcelona and the press as spectators, accompanied by Verónica Blume, Laura Put, Carles Puyol and the other UNIQLO ambassadors in Spain, we cut the ribbon and we officially welcomed the Japanese fashion giant to the city.

Last November, we repeated organizing the opening of the second store, this time at the Glories Shopping Center.