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Lateral Thinking - Lateral Thinking

Lateral Thinking


Lateral Thinking

Lateral: the word that hunts down ideas.

Launching the Lateral Manifesto means going from A to B and ending in Z. The lateral seeks out the perfect fetish for an encrypted punch!

Get into the most burning state you can. The Lateral glorifies cerebral movement; it's the race, the deathly leap.

Say it until it sets you free: that from the ordinary comes the extraordinary: do Lateral!

We are elementary particles of creativity, the content between interior and exterior space. Connection, experience, interaction!

It's not Lateral if it's not full of audacity and rigor; its' execution strikes excellence without killing it. Lateral is about the trajectory: takeoff to landing.

We'll destroy hierarchies and shrink distances; we'll serenade trust.

Our goal is to reach the collective imagination: branding in the streets, in culture and in the skin.

Lateral living for lateral speaking where lateral doing is LATERAL THINKING.

Thus was born the Lateral kingdom and thus lives its spirit: making the extraordinary happen.