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Lateral Thinking - Olive Oils from Spain

Olive Oils from Spain

Glocal strategy. Global vision with local action

Olive Oils from Spain

Managing a brand in 12 different countries requires a glocal strategy, combining global vision with local action.

We have managed digital content for Olive Oils from Spain since 2013. In that time, we have helped to position Spanish olive oil in the global marketplace, creating local content which is differentiated for each market. In just over two years, we have gone from 55,000 fans to 1,450,000 and we have collaborated with more than forty bloggers.

Managing a global brand involves a global vision and, at the same time, extensive awareness of local insights and needs. In some markets, the aim is to emphasise the origin of the oil, while, in others, it is to guide consumers as to how to introduce the product into their cooking. The challenge presents us with cultures - and cuisines - as diverse as those of Russia, Japan and Indonesia and the need to coordinate a team of community managers, in situ.